How to Monetize your Website Easily - Monetize Website Traffic in 2021

Monetizing Your Blog with Ads & Affiliate Links

It's important to be aware of the wide variety of advertising and affiliate link options available to monetize your blog.

In order to generate revenue from your blog, you need to have an idea about how many people are reading it, who they are, and what they might be interested in.

The more detailed the information about them is, the better accuracy your monetization efforts will have.

Monetizing Your Blog with Adsense - Not Recommended

Running a blog is often seen as an expensive hobby, especially with the cost of domain names and hosting.

Google Adsense is a service by Google that allows you to earn money from your website traffic.

However you need to have a domain and the verification process is long and painful!

In other words, they don't make it easy for small bloggers or new website owners that are just starting.

Luckily, there is a great alternative to Adsense that lets you make money from the first day and the verification process is a breeze (literally in 2 minutes) and the best part is that you do not need a domain to get verified!

This Network is called Adsterra and it is amazing!

I recommend it because I use it on all of my websites.

Why would you go with Adsterra, you ask?

Let me give you a few reasons.

1- You can start making money now even without a domain!

2- Worldwide Payments via Paypal, Bitcoin, Payoneer or Wire Transfer

3- Monetize any kind of Traffic

4- Adsterra pays twice a month: on 1st and the 15th. (it may vary)

6- High Quality Ads

7- Super High CPMs

As I said, I recommend Adsterra because I use it on all of my websites.

With adsense I could monetize a couple of my websites, but now I monetize all of them not worrying about being disapproved by google.

In result I made a ton of money. Plus the affiliate program is beautiful!

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9 Steps for Adsterra Money Making Mastery

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