The Best Live TV App for Firestick in 2022 🇺🇸

You want to watch your favorite TV shows and movies, but you don't like the idea of paying for cable? (or don't even have it available).

Cable is expensive, not portable, and forces you to endure commercials.

You want content, not ads.

American TV is the best way to get your content on the go.

Watch all your favorite movies and TV shows on any device anytime, anywhere with just one subscription that gives you all the channels.

Cable is expensive, complicated, and unfortunately often necessary. You can't get cable TV without having to subscribe to all of the channels you don't want with the ones you do.

Being forced to pay for channels you don't want is frustrating and unfair. Cable is pricey and it's already hard to keep up with subscriptions for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and HBO GO.

With American TV for Firestick, there's no need for cable TV when you can access everything in America! It has all the channels in America, plus premium channels like HBO and Showtime. Whether you want sports or sitcoms or hot-lines or premium events like PPV, WWE of UFC We got you covered.

American TV includes:

-Every Local Channel in America

-More than 1,000 Cable, Premium and PPV Live Channels

-24/7 Customer Support

-Adult Content for Life (parental control)

-More than 20k movies and shows from every network

-The Hottest Same-Day Movie and Show Releases

-Every Sports League in the world, Live and On-Demand

-Content for Kids

American TV will provide everything you want, from live and recorded television to more than 1,000 channels (including popular ones like Disney Channel).

Watch your favorite TV channels and movies effortlessly and on-the-go!

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