Holiday Special 2021 - 2022

Hi, this is Tom.

I hope you had a good end of the year!

So, Even if America has Re-opened and this place in time is being oddly labeled as

"Post-Covid, Many people, like me, will stay home for the holidays.

My home is where I would want to be for Christmas anyway.

So, you want to be covered entertainment-wise.

What about 1 year of American TV for 2 rooms for only 49.99?

Yes, that's correct. If you sign up before December 23 2021

YOU will get 1 Full Year of American TV for just $49.99

Let me remind you that we only use Bitcoin.

It's super easy.

It`s like Paypal but safer.

Open you Wallet Here:

Reply to to claim your Holiday Special NOW...

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