Why Bitcoin is our only payment option

Hi This is Tom...

We're excited to announce that we will only be accepting Bitcoin from now on.

Bitcoin is a breakthrough and we want to offer that experience for our customers.

With more and more great companies starting to accept bitcoin, We wanted to stay ahead of the curve by using BTC already.

We hope you support this new decision!

Here are some FAQs to help you along the way:

-How do I get a bitcoin wallet?

Coinbase is the most popular bitcoin wallet today. It's simple to use, has a nice user interface, and is quite secure.

Invest $100 and get $10 free

Get a Bitcoin Wallet HERE:

-How do I buy bitcoin? Coinbase

Coinbase is the world most popular cryptocurrency exchange, their app allows you to buy bitcoin, ethereum and most other cryptocurrencies.

The app can be downloaded on your phone or computer with just a few clicks.

Invest $100 and get $10 free

Get a Bitcoin Wallet HERE:

-Where can I spend my bitcoins?

Today there are a number of places that will accept your bitcoin as payment. You can buy anything from a cupcake to a house.

Get a Bitcoin Wallet HERE:

Let us know if you have any further questions!

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