American TV for Firestick - 6 Months for FREE

Hi, this is Tom,

I know you though 49.99 for a full year was too much for American TV and I understand that.

I want to make sure you're enjoying American TV as soon as possible.

With the Peace of mind that you have 6 months of Entertainment paid for...

So, we came up with something good!

We have a 6 month FREE GIFT for you.

You may ask yourself:

What's the catch?

How does this makes sense?

Why are you giving away your product?


We give you the programming 100% FREE in Exchange of YOU using our Amazon link to make all of your purchases during the 6 Month-Free period

We are investing heavily to get you up and running as fast as you can and in as many rooms as you want without spending a penny on us.

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This is the link to be used to make all of your Amazon purchases to claim your 6 months free. It will take you to my favorite Christmas movie Home Alone in Amazon. Once you're in there just browse around and do your shopping like you regularly do. It does not matter what you buy or how many.

You can kill two birds with one stone.

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6 months for FREE

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Regards Tom.

Please check our American TV Installation Guide:

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