13 Reasons to drop Adsense and Monetize your Blog with Adsterra

Hi, this is Tom. In my never-ending search for making money online i have found a Google Adsense alternative that pays more than Google and is way easier to make money with!

There are other advertising networks online that you can use to make money from you blog but I can assure you, you will make more money using this network.

If you want to make money from Google Adsense but without the tedious and long process of verifying your website, this is for you…

The name of the Network is Adsterra.

I love how Adsterra works and I've made very good money with it and it's your turn to make money ok? So here are 13 reasons why you should switch to Adsterra...

1- You can start making money now even without a domain!

Adsterra will authorize your blog, website or app and start showing ads instantly, no questions asked. I mean, come on

2- Worldwide Payments via Paypal, Bitcoin, Payoneer or Wire Transfer

I personally prefer Bitcoin. It is instantly transferred and I can withdraw the cash instantly to my bank account to buy stuff. It is real money in minutes. Bitcoin is the option for transferring money, especially if you need the cash quickly.

I use Coinbase and it’s just brilliant. Everything I could expect from the #1 Bitcoin Wallet in the world.

To make this work, the first step is to click on my Coinbase Affiliate link right now and create and account, You need where to get paid right? Plus if you invest 100 dollars you and me both get 10 dollars FREE. it’s not required but it would be cool.

3- Fast verification and set up!

Click our Adsterra Referral link and start earning in 10 minutes!

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4- Monetize any kind of Traffic

No matter the topic your traffic is accepted. There is absolutely no censorship, Adsterra does not discriminates and does not intend to tell you what is considered “content” You can be free!

5- Adsterra pays twice a month: on 1st and the 15th. (it may vary)

This is listed in the Dashboard that you’ll get access when you click our link in the description. Official information.

6- High Quality Ads

Cool video game ads, nice looking social campaigns and cool looking banners.

You can do it as invasive as you want.

7- Super High CPMs

If your content is in english is more likely to get traffic from Tier 1 countries and your CPM will increase very much. The reality is that content in english is payed much better.

8- Automatic Optimization

Ask your Customer Support person to optimize your ads, after a few impressions, they can really help to increase your profit.

9- Super Easy tu use and Customize

Adsterra will take care of all of your optimization needs so you can make more money automatically. You focus on your art and content creation.

10- It’s Fast AF.

Just paste the code and refresh the page


No self clickers here! It won't work and it will get you banned.

Only real content makers who want to earn real money for their efforts

11- Compatible with every website host, like Wix, Wordpress or Blogger

I personally use Wix and it’s super easy to paste the code to start showing ads. Just go to "Settings" then click on "Add Custom Code" and paste the code. Refresh your page, and the ads should be active.

12- Monitor live statistics and analytics for maximum profit

Updated instantly and more accurate than ever.

Everything just makes sense, you know?

13- 24/7 Live Support

I’ve never needed to use it for a complain. But you can ask for optimization on your ads and a real person will help you, great service!

BONUS HINT: If you use our affiliate link we will personally call you and help you get massive traffic on your websites, deal?

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9 Steps for Adsterra Money Making Mastery

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